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Q: How do I determine a good price for my item?
A: Chances are your item has been sold recently, or is currently being sold. It is common for used items to go for a considerable discount. Do a search in the FS/T section of TTW, and check prices for your item. Price accordingly. If you do NOT see a price, google/froogle your item, and discount a percentage (15-25% is common). As always, "classic" frames, and collectors/rare items are worth more. Do your research! Please do NOT post Interest Check threads/Price check threads, as they just serve to clutter up the FS/T section.

Q: Can I post a thread for EACH item I want to sell?
A: Sure, but please only keep ONE active thread open. Do NOT have multiple threads open simultaneously, you can just as easily sell 10 items in one thread instead of selling one item separately in 10 different threads. This helps us keep the FS/T section less cluttered, and prevents peoples threads from getting "bumped" too far down.

Q: I want to get as much money as possible (who doesn't?). Can I put a "make offers" price?
A: As a courtesy for other traders, please post a price on all items. If you would like offers, put a price higher than you expect to get, and add an "O.B.O." (or best offer) to your price. This (again) prevents clutter and confusion. This way, users can contact sellers immediately, instead of playing the cat & mouse game by having to wait (up to a few days!) to get their replies posted. This may seem like a strict policy, but it is to help everyone get their merchandise/money A.S.A.P. PLEASE put a price on ALL items.

Q: Can I auction my item, or link to an auction?
A: No. Auction posts are not allowed because the way we operate the FS/T section requires filtering of every post. To alleviate the "traffic," we ask no auction posts be made. Links to E-bay are also prohibited. If you want some traffic to your E-bay auction, put a small reminder in your sig. For example: (Selling my TF 325 on the auction site. Check it out!)

Q: Can I sell string in the FS/T?

A: No. Strings are considered new items, even when cut off reels. TW does not allow string sales. See the Strings Trade sticky.

Q: Can I post my Free iPod link on the FS/T?
A: NO. Please do NOT post any free offer site or referral site on TW. These will not make it through the filter, so please do not give the filtering admins more work. Do NOT post any pyramid schemes (or related) here at TW.
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