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Originally Posted by Roberto View Post
Would it be possible to add to the guidelines that posts about raqcuets and gear sold in Europe should have a EUUK in the title. That would make it a lot easier for us europeans to istantly see which posts to look at. It is quite a lot of hassle to send or buy stuff from the US (shipping, tax, customs etc) and many US sellers are not willing to go through that hassle. What do you moderators think ? Possible to get this EUUK comment as a it's own sticky ? I've noticed that there are lots of us europeans on these boards.
Best regards Roberto
I don't think that's a bad idea at all. I've seen other message boards use a [US] or [UK] or [XX] notation, that would be something we should consider asking about... Hmmm.
Originally Posted by Shangri La View Post
Never mind, just found this:

Q: Can I post a thread for EACH item I want to sell?
A: Sure, but please only keep ONE active thread open. Do NOT have multiple threads open simultaneously, you can just as easily sell 10 items in one thread instead of selling one item separately in 10 different threads. This helps us keep the FS/T section less cluttered, and prevents peoples threads from getting "bumped" too far down.

So mods, please combine all the for sale threads open simultaneously by the same seller. Often times I see half of the threads in this sub-forum are from one seller, posted minutes apart. Thanks.
I used very courteous language, because there's no easy way to enforce this policy (AKA it adds a good 25% to the effort required to filter the FS/T). I personally think it should be mandatory, but some people dont' listen... a LOT of people don't read the stickies at all (you can tell when sifting through filtered posts )
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