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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Just stick with the electrolyte packs and an on court snack of your choice and lots of water and you will be good to go.

a wildcard - I bring mustard packs. It sounds weird but I have dealt with nasty cramps in my legs now and then and if I feel one coming I eat a pack or 2 and the vinegar in it really helps me.

I'd eat an hour before playing, and have 1 electrolyte pack as well. Bring a ton of water with another elecotrolyte pack mixed in.

I play in florida in extreme heat and humidity and this works for me. the BCAAs work for me as well, but are not a necessity. I take them because I do leangains and need to supplement protein throughout the day. Ramon and I both live here and play in this environment.

PP, I played a match yesterday in the hottest weather I have ever played in. The forcast was only 96 so we scheduled our match but it actually got up to 106 and there was absolutely no breeze whatsoever. I did have a pedialyte drink and some pickle juice before leaving fot the courts but today I am really feeling that match.
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