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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
Thank you, so string PTS a couple of pounds lower than BC and you'd have a similar string, the yonex playing a little crisper than the plush tecnifibre, which may work well in the plush 89 tour. I can see why BC would come out on top for you as the feel is really nice. I also string on a weekly basis so I don't want to be paying bc prices.
Have you tried blackout, pro pro version of bc?
Spot on Meaghan, yes the downside of the BC is that it's a bit pricey, I have a reel though and have switched a few friends onto it who help finance my addiction I haven't tried blackout but I have tried Genesis Black Magic and found that to be a very good clone, just not quite as lively and didn't find as much spin.

Originally Posted by javierjavier View Post
hey thundaga - also really like poly tour pro and was thinking about trying the spin. most comparisons i've read say it's stiffer and with less power. does it still have the pop and crispness of the ptp? would it be fair to suggest they would feel the same if you strung the spin at a lower tension?
I would agree with most comparisons, I was also at the Yonex launch of PTS string at this year's Aus Open and that is exactly how their rep described it, a stiffer and lower-powered version of PTP. Even at a lower tension I think you would still notice greater stiffness but that is only comparative, the PTS isn't an extremely stiff string. I don't think it has as much pop but probably feels a bit crisper that PTP.

I currently have Signum Pro Firestorm in one of my frames, that is a great string in terms of power and feel.. about as stiff at PTS.
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