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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Thanks for the step by step description. Just shadow stroking in my room, it does feel very different! Will give this a try next time out.
I've been thinking about the most effective way for you to get your forehand working. I'm going to amend the 2 steps above with the following three steps. I think this will work well for you. Don't expect it to feel natural right away. You are forging new neural connections, which isn't so easy past the age of 15.

(1) Wide, low, open stance.
(2) Keep elbow in and forward on backswing and forward swing up to contact, and at contact move elbow up and out.
(3) Turn until your chest is facing (or past) the right side fence on the backswing, and facing the left side fence on the finish. That's a 180, or more, turn.

Check out Djokovic's forehand - open stance, elbow, 180+ degrees of rotation:
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