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You're right, it does take a while to unlearn stuff you're so used to doing. It's easy to fall back into old habits. Anyway here's the video of my attempt at modernizing my forehand. Spent an hour working on it, and the first 10 minutes I was shanking it like crazy! You'll probably observe how unconfortable I am at the start. It did get better, as you (hopefully) will see in the video. I think I'm still using too much arm. And I think I need to be looser in general.

What surprised me was how bloody painful the quadriceps on my right leg got after an hour! I suppose that's good right? I also noticed that if I got lazy with the pushoff from the right leg, i would tend to net the ball.

When hit correctly though-- the ball had some action on it! Sometimes I stopped playing the point because I thought it was going out, only for the ball to dive down and hit the line! Looks promising. Again, do tell me what to focus on. Thanks!

Here I am trying to use it in a set:

Now that this is turning into a forehand thread, should I start a separate thread for my serve? Something is wrong with how my right leg/hip comes through
Better! You are turning better both ways. Keep it up. I also noticed that your takeback with your left hand on the throat has had the beneficial effect of flattening out your backswing a bit. It was too high before. That hurts your timing, especially on deep balls. Yes, a modern forehand is based on push off from the right leg to the left leg, which is right to left with an open stance, and, it generates more topspin so you have to aim higher to get the ball deep into the court. (Do lunges for leg strenght).

Now, as you supsect, it seems that you still have a bit of a death grip on the racquet, especially at contact. You need to keep a LOOSE grip through the entire swing, including contact. Do not tighten up at contact. A loose grip increases power and clean ball striking because a tight grip slows racquet head speed and deviates your swing path causing mis-hits. A loose grip will also promote a more modern WW finish - with the hitting face of the racquet facing the target as your eblow moves up and out, until your chest turns past the target line, and then down to your left hip. I think your tight grip and arm is choking that off.

So, now you've got 4 things to think about:
- Open stance
- turn at least 180 degrees from right fence to left fence.
- elbow in and forward to contact, then up and out
- loose and relaxed arm and grip.

The feeling you get when you hit the ball with a leading elbow and a loose grip is going to be amazing.

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