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Congrats on the stringer (as I said earlier, I almost jumped on it but restoring it would have been a hobby not a need). A couple of things:

1. If you need the H manual, post an e-mail and I can send you a pdf.

2. When cleaning, I think you will find alcohol (I used denatured but I think rubbing alcohol will work just fine) the best solution. Since there are many crevices and small areas, I typically use a toothbrush, Q-tips and a cotton shoelace (good for clamp teeth the tension head grabber) in addition to a soft cloth.

3. Clean everything--one thing many folks forget is to wipe down the glidebars and the inside of the clamps that grab the bar. And if you keep it clean, it continues to be a workhorse.

4. It should need very little lubrication -- I typically use sewing machine oil but 3 in 1 should work fine.

5. Consider investing in a cover or find a big piece of material to cover it when not in use.

Good luck and happy stringing.

P.S.: With the H upgrade, I do not believe that you need the 6-pt mounting.
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