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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Yeah I saw the Djokovic video after the hit. Now that is LOOSE! I think my torso is a bit tight too. At least I'm going in the right direction now.

is the stance low enough? I find my legs on the follow through a bit weird- both straight sometimes. Can't be right..?

My footwork still gets a bit confused on wide/short balls, but I suppose I'll adjust over time. Thanks!
Flexibility is always a good thing, but, it's not critical to achieving a full turn. In order for your chest to face 9 o'clock on the finish, your hips have to lead the way and your stance has to be open. It also helps to think of your finish, (chest facing 9 o'clock and your racquet head down at you left hip), as your target, or your destination.

To answer your question, check out this forehand lesson in which a good player with a very good traditional forehand learns to hit a modern forehand. There are a lot of good tips here, but, notice the low, open stance with the modern forehand.

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