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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
geez coolblue... sounds like you are the "guru". if you have links to recipes, i'd be really interested. i think i'll use the crockpot too.

i think ill get inpired by going to: Indaroma for food and then visit the market next door.

my goal is to buy a bunch of spices and then only shop in the produce department for a few weeks.
tired of corn syrup and preservatives. wish me luck, i have zero self-control so i might not get too far.
anybody want to hit tennis balls in 105F heat tomorrow? comeon.. i wanna try my Wilson Pro Opens again!
most of my Indian recipes are from friends and Co-workers from India. I mostly have it on paper. need to transfer to google docs. Pls send me your email, i'll add your email for google doc share. tonytony24 at
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