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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
OK my leg was still a bit sore, but since I took my son out for lessons, I borrowed his basket of balls and had a hit. I was concentrating on loosening up the arm and upper body rotation. Was surprised at the easyacces to power and spin, and I did get into quite a groove. I was also getting used to the new trajectory of the ball. Good net clearance, compared to my classic stroke where I would hit it much closer to the net.

I still end up pretty high on the follow through though. I suppose while my arm is looser than before, its still not loose enough?

Sorry if the video is a bit long, wanted to show the groove I was in.
Better still. Your technique got even better toward the end. Your stance got wider and lower, still need more. Your rotation is much better. It's not just a loose arm, you need a loose grip. You could also lead more with your elbow on the forward swing. When you do that, and then move your elbow up and out at contact, with a loose grip, that will promote a nice long WW finish down near your left hip and a ton of free power and spin. Some people refer to it as pronation (rotating the right arm counter-clockwise from the elbow and shoulder). Pronation occurs as you rotate your upper body. Look at the Djokovic and L&R videos again and watch carefully how they do it.
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