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looked a little better towards the end.

do some research on extending and pulling the left arm across forward swing.

try to break the 'catch the racquet with the left hand' habit. it's causing you to want to arm to the ball. and leaving your hand up there ready to catch the racquet isn't good for rotation in the modern swing.

and take a look at how pro's today finish their strokes. your finish is loose and wiggly and still spinning and you never setting into an established finish position. a finish is an important part of the stroke.

also, imo, your 'finish' is a little too high. a little lower would be better imo and would probably help w/ other things.

after you get your racquet into an 'acceptable' finish position hold that position for about a half second or more. on each stroke. hold the finish. look at a pro finish. they all hold that position for couple of moments. holding the finish will help you program muscle memory for a correct swing path.

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