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Originally Posted by JohnnyFive View Post
I find Nuun to be FAR superior to Gatorade, or any other electrolyte replacement fluid I've found/researched. Nearly optimal ratios of Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium make it, for me, the perfect "Sports Drink."
That's probably because Nuun doesn't have simple sugar. Gatorade, and other sports drinks, depend on sugar for energy, but even those companies are coming out with alternative drinks with low sugar content. The risks of too much sugar are real (long and short term), and the benefits to most people are questionable because of the fatigue that comes after the sugar rush.

A list of risks from sugar:

Dr. Oz and his views of on sugar:

For some people who metabolize sugar better than others, it has its benefits, but for a lot of people I think it's a legitimate concern. Also, the needs of a cyclist going 100 miles are different from the needs of the typical recreational tennis player. Personally, I've noticed both the initial high and the fatigue that follows, and due to my high blood sugar I have to be conscious of the risks.
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