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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
ABC is just showing replays of the Championship matches. ESPN has showed everything live.

It's 2012, so I have a hard time feeling bad for someone who doesn't have cable, a friend with cable or access to the internet.
I have a hard time feeling good about someone making the above judgemental statement.

First, the suggestion was "why not the handoff to ABC for the finals?". It's easy enough for cable/dish households to shift to the over-the-air channel and EVERYONE watches in the convenience and comfort of their own home. There is a precedent for this...NBA Finals. Did you have a problem with that handoff?

Second, if you have a HDTV and an inexpensive external antenna, you can stay in touch with this world just fine, minus the $1,200+ annual hit on the pocket for cable/dish. It IS 2012...that is the point and many households struggle to keep ahead of the bills. Have you not been following the news on your favorite cable news show?

Time to get off your high horse, my friend!
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