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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
What high horse?

If you don't have cable, the internet, or a friend that has either, I don't really know what to say...I feel like it's nearly impossible in modern America to not have access to one of those three things.

As for the transfer to ABC, it's fine for the NBA Finals. They get huge ratings, it's a hugely popular sport in America, the games never run more than 3 hours, and it's in Primetime in the US. It's an entirely different thing than tennis coverage, which has multiple events that could run anywhere from 2 hours total to 8 hours total (like today).

Imagine if ABC had the women's final today, and ESPN had nothing. We wouldn't have seen either doubles final, because ABC would have moved to regular Saturday programming in lieu of more tennis.

I'm 100% fine with the system as is. If that makes me heartless and on a high horse, then so be it.
Well I'm in Canada and we don't get ESPN here. We get ABC though. Obviously I can watch online but it won't be in HD so there's a huge difference.

Why couldn't ABC just show the single finals live and ESPN could have shown all the doubles stuff?
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