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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
I have a hard time feeling good about someone making the above judgemental statement.

First, the suggestion was "why not the handoff to ABC for the finals?". It's easy enough for cable/dish households to shift to the over-the-air channel and EVERYONE watches in the convenience and comfort of their own home. There is a precedent for this...NBA Finals. Did you have a problem with that handoff?

Second, if you have a HDTV and an inexpensive external antenna, you can stay in touch with this world just fine, minus the $1,200+ annual hit on the pocket for cable/dish. It IS 2012...that is the point and many households struggle to keep ahead of the bills. Have you not been following the news on your favorite cable news show?

Time to get off your high horse, my friend!
It works both ways, today there are probably just as many people who have cable or satellite but don't get the local channel package that is offered by their provider as there are ppl who don't have cable or satellite or know someone with it. Second, $100/month isn't THAT much relatively speaking, yeah I know it's hard times and not everyone can afford everything, but if you don't have enough money to have an internet connection, cable, or satellite, or know someone that does then you probably have bigger fish to fry in general then having to watch a tennis match a few hours later on tape delay.

It's not 1992 or even 2002 anymore, it's 2012 and sports in general are shown more now on cable than they ever have been in the past. Yeah big evens like the SB and NBA Finals still broadcast over the air, but something big like the NCAA CFB championship isn't even OTA anymore, and the NCAA CBB Championship was close to being the same way. You're the one on the high horse in not seeing the other side in that the people who don't have access to cable or internet are the minority now.
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