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Originally Posted by RealityPolice View Post
Don't understand Polish, but if I'm correct about the tenor of the show, that's actually their house:

Oh, and Ula's hot.
Originally Posted by jmverdugo View Post
Wow! She keeps getting hotter and hotter! Both if them...

Does somebody speak Polish here? That has to be family money, also the house seems very simply decorated but classy, like they are not new to that type of house or money ... I am still impress they both look so humble too.
judging from the fact the house is in London that appears to be a rented house during the Wimbledon.
I'm pretty sure there's really no 'family money' here. All they got came through hard work since they were both like 5 years old. Good for them.

p.s. @jmverdugo - what would you consider a 'not very simply' decorated house??
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