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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
PS: 1976 would make Laver 38 yo in that video.
Love watching that video - two of my favorite players of all time - so very cool that they overlapped a bit! And Laver still moving and playing great at that age!

Speaking of Laver and Wimbledon, I know today wasn't about him, but I was kinda hoping he would be mentioned in the post-match speech, it being the 50th anniversary of his first Grand Slam year, including victory at Wimbledon. He is really special, and it's great that he's still around. Best wishes to The Rocket!

Lastly, I was trying to imagine a Laver or Roche back in their prime saying something like "I haven't been feeling very well recently" after a big match loss. What a ridiculous sorry lot of whiners many of today's pros are. Fed's cut from Laver (old school good sportsman) cloth, and that's one more reason I respect him and treasure every minute he continues to play. Once he leaves the game we may not have that kind of class around tennis anymore.
"I made a decision about how I wanted to play the game. I would rather lose hitting the ball hard than win holding back." ...Rod Laver
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