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Originally Posted by canadad View Post
I have to say that I am a Murray fan more than ever. He expressed emotion and humanized himself to me. I could never get past his aloof exterior until now. I can't imagine the pressure he must of felt through this Wimbledon and I am gutted for him. I hope he wins many grand slams.

I always liked Roger, still do, but he seems to have the same acceptance speech all the time, about how 'incredible' and 'amazing' he, his records, and his career are. I thought it patronizing and not flattering when he said Murray will win 'at least one grand slam'. I think Roger is often gracious, but at the same time he seems to get arrogant(perhaps unintentionally).
I think Fed could have improved his speech (in terms of talking about Murray). Talking more about how Andy pushed him in that final, how Andy is actually a better player than what most people think and I guess giving him more credit.
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