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Originally Posted by canadad View Post
I have to say that I am a Murray fan more than ever. He expressed emotion and humanized himself to me. I could never get past his aloof exterior until now. I can't imagine the pressure he must of felt through this Wimbledon and I am gutted for him. I hope he wins many grand slams.

I always liked Roger, still do, but he seems to have the same acceptance speech all the time, about how 'incredible' and 'amazing' he, his records, and his career are. I thought it patronizing and not flattering when he said Murray will win 'at least one grand slam'. I think Roger is often gracious, but at the same time he seems to get arrogant(perhaps unintentionally).
I don't think there was as much pressure as people are making out. The pressure he puts on himself to finally get a major title is the biggest pressure of all i'd of thought. As you could see from his speech, he said the fans support makes it so much easier for him. You could see the reactions to the loss on the hill, on court, throughout the Country and how Murray handled it that he has a pretty special relationship with alot of the fans.

As Mainad points out, he also got very emotional after a Davis Cup tie last year when talking about his fans.

It's tough, Murray and the fans all want the same thing, when you have to beat a combination of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic for it, well you could say it's one of the toughest challenges tennis has known. Make it or not, his fans love him just the same.

Originally Posted by FedererDropShot View Post
I think Fed could have improved his speech (in terms of talking about Murray). Talking more about how Andy pushed him in that final, how Andy is actually a better player than what most people think and I guess giving him more credit.
Maybe, I suppose he doesn't really owe Murray anything, but it would of been nice. He made up for it in his press conference afterwards I think, he said some nice things.

Federer provides such a test of your game that it can look ugly at times, Murray really isn't as bad a player, he's a very good one in fact. I suppose when you're in an era of Djokovic, Federer and Nadal, it's sometimes hard to remember that
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