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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Lol...maybe you should be Fed's speech-writer!

I always think there's a bit of an edge for Fed where Murray is concerned. Fed hates to lose and he was never much amused about the fact that Murray had, until now, a positive H2H against him (8-7 before this final). Murray in the past cockily boasted that he was going to beat Fed at a WTF match and he did making it 4 match wins on the trot. I don't think Roger ever forgets these things and there's always a bit of satisfaction for him whenever he can school Murray in another GS final and then make a few throwaway condescending comments about him.

All done in the best possible taste of course!
Well Fed did say that:

-Murray's gonna win atleast one major.

-That he(Fed) hopes Murray will win atleast one major

-That Murray's consistency and hard work over the years shows his love for the game

They also had a nice hug afterwards .

I think sometimes people expect too much from players in regarding them being some role models off court while the reality is that they're mostly jock types, they're great tennis players but that's about it, don't expect them to give some great meaningful speeches or something (especially after winning Wimbledon which is the holy grail of tennis basically).

I liked to see Murray show so much emotion but other than that I never cared much for slam award ceremonies, interviews (unless it was Safin or Goran giving them because they were hilarious) and such stuff.
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