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Originally Posted by Set Sampras View Post
ROFL... Look at that poll result.. Yea Im sure Fed would just swat Djokovic and Nadal away like flies and they would have no shot at #1 in the world.

Afterall, We all just this by Fed's domination of inferiority of 2004-2007 and not his domination over Djokovic and Nadal which are light years ahead of anyone at that time. Nevermind the fact, this Djokovic is having arguably the greatest season ever and greater then any season Fed produced against LESSER competition.. Nevermind the fact, Fed can't handle Nadal and now he would have to deal with nadal everywheres not just clay ROFL!!! Yep.. Fed would EASILY be #1 and Djokovic and Nadal wouldn't stand a chance.

That has to be the most ludicrous thing I've seen. -this place should be renamed to I guess it must have been Federer's domination over Roddick that sealed the deal in the poll results.
Oh how I wish SetSampras AKA GameSampras was still around......oh wait

Sorry for the shameless bump for the normal fans, but I couldn't resist , that's my trolling for the day done. As well as this topic I would say
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