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Today's new video:

Shadowing the stroke-- is this what I'm aiming for?

Some light hitting. Sorry for the lazy footwork-- Wimbledon finished at 2 am here, had only 4 hours sleep! Still groggy. Excuses excuses right? Anyway. I tend to drift back into old habits, but I think I'm a bit looser now. My left hand keeps wanting to catch the racquet, which stops the rotation. Have to consciously not catch it. When I am hitting looser, I do notice easier access to spin and power. Maybe I should Botox my arm

Regarding the open stance--how far forward should the left foot be? Couple of feet? In my attempt to keep it open, I think I end up with feet parallel to the baseline. I suppose the left foot should be a bit forward.

Thanks for all the advice guys! I do feel it becoming more reliable, and do appreciate the help
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