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Originally Posted by paulorenzo View Post
good stats for fed. if only he can get some of his speed back so he can still chase down some incredible gets. then again, that has't been his style of play for a while.
I think you underestimate Fed. He made many truly staggering gets against both Nole and Murray in the semis and finals of Wimbledon. While he has been a little faster in the past, right now his movement is incredible and his footwork is so grounded, precise and active. In the semis against Nole his movement looked roughly on a par with Nole's and without the sliding and inaccuracies. I just wish he could find a *little* extra on the return. His forehand was glorious, so controlled and accurate but still explosive - not as explosive as it once was but his control and precision was as good as you could ever wish and his footwork to reach his forehands on time was amazing. That hooked crosscourt forehand on the full stretch that he was constantly missing in 2010 and 11, it's back and consistent and very very effective!

His backhand, while not the shotmaking machine it has been in the past, was hugely solid, reliable and consistent in the latter stages of this tournie. Also, the slice backhand was exceptionally reliable and his acute skidding angles were unusually consistent and precise, even compared to past years. There was just no place to go to against Federer in the semis and finals to gain consistent cheap points! Also the clarity of thought and mind tactically and spiritually from Federer, as well as his determination and focus, was outstanding. Last but not least, his net approaches were sensible and his volleying was often truly inspired. There was much to be positive about and indeed there has been for some months now. This is the confirmation of Federer's current rise and may it continue.
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