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Originally Posted by roundiesee View Post
Good points; I think his problem is still his poor breakpoint conversion rate. He had so many against Murray but converted so few.
True, but at the same time in that one game where he had 6 breakpoints and only took 1, he still won the game. It wasn't like they were spread over 3 games and he failed 3 times to break Murray, but instead they all came in 1 game and eventually he found the break. So, in a way you could look at that instance as being a 100% breakpoint conversion rate, as all that mattered was he had a game where he had chances to break, and in the end he did.

I don't disagree though, I still have a bit of a problem with that and his returns in general but other than that, ALL other aspects of his game are in a very good place right now.
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