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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Today's new video:

Shadowing the stroke-- is this what I'm aiming for?
When you shadow your swing, you should include all of the elements of your technique including your wide, low stance and weight transfer from right to left.

Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Some light hitting. Sorry for the lazy footwork-- Wimbledon finished at 2 am here, had only 4 hours sleep! Still groggy. Excuses excuses right? Anyway. I tend to drift back into old habits, but I think I'm a bit looser now. My left hand keeps wanting to catch the racquet, which stops the rotation. Have to consciously not catch it. When I am hitting looser, I do notice easier access to spin and power. Maybe I should Botox my arm

Regarding the open stance--how far forward should the left foot be? Couple of feet? In my attempt to keep it open, I think I end up with feet parallel to the baseline. I suppose the left foot should be a bit forward.

Thanks for all the advice guys! I do feel it becoming more reliable, and do appreciate the help
Looking much better. You are using much more angular (rotational) momentum now. How does it feel? You still need a consistent wider, lower stance with weight on your right leg when you set up to hit. Your finish is still a bit old school. You should have more of a WW finish that comes across after contact and down to your left hip. I suspect you still grip the racquet too tight at contact.

To answer your question, your feet can be anywhere from parallel to the baseline to about 45 degrees from the baseline. More than that begins to hinder your rotation. The exception is when you are running laterally to the right. Then you may find it easier to hit with your left foot leading laterally to the right at contact, and then your momentum causes you to step across and stop and plant with your right foot to recover back to your position on the court.

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