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Originally Posted by I Heart Thomas Muster View Post
I've been stringing since I was 14 (I'm 36 now) and ran a tennis shop for 7 years and am strongly considering opening one here in LA. It's just something I enjoy and if I were able to make a living from stringing and customization/matching that would be a dream come true. I'm kind of baby stepping it right now since I do have a wife, kids and a pays the bills job. Currently I string for myself and just a couple of friends and am the worst capitalist ever as I string for beer (can one be a Republican socialist?) and never accept their money. I've been checking out some storefronts near my home so we'll see where it leads.
haha. that would very cool! love to see those who are committed to the sport. let me tell you it's tough to make a living doing that though
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