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You are correct. This is a big problem I see every time I watch myself on video. My intensity and movement are horific. The problem is that I am so used to this tempo that it feels normal and in order for it to be anywhere close to right I really have to push myself and get out of my comfort zone. The other problem is the level of the players I usually hit with. Most of them are in the 3.5-4.0 range with not alot of pace and consistency and they dont require a whole lot of intensity. It is only when I meet players who can hit hard with consitansy that I realize how slow I really am. Hopefully this guy will stick arround this summer so I can use him a measuring stick for my progress
It would help a lot if your stance in your ready position, AND your loaded up position, was wider and lower. Standing too upright, with your feet too close together, makes it harder to move to the ball quickly, and makes it harder to handle hard penetrating balls when you are set up to hit. That, with a bit more focused effort to prepare for each shot would do a lot.
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