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Default Thoughts on Pacific X Force

Hi Wilson 101. How are you liking the X Force?

I played with this racquet while on holiday in Germany last year (very hard to find in the uk). I was up for demoing at the time, but hesitated about buying. Kind of been regretting not buying ever since.

I went for a Dunlop 4D 300, but the X Force seemed to pocket the ball much more sweetly. The feel on all groundstrokes was excellent, great spin and control, though it didn't seem to offer much pop on the serve.

The guy who leant me the racquet put some lead tape on the inside of the forks after watching me hit. Perhaps without this it would have had too much flex. I'd be interested to hear if you have tried any modifications yourself.

It's a shame, but it's not a frame that seems to get a lot of attention/reviews.

Interesting you mention the nBlade. That was a racquet I also considered buying a few years back - great for a one handed backhand, but a bit too even balanced overall.

Hope the demo went well
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