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Originally Posted by tennisaddict View Post
I posted a poll 'Is Nadal the best No 2' in the General Players Section. Has this been removed ? If you find this objectionable, please let me know. I understand it may hurt the Nadal fan , but I think Nadal and Novak are both worthy contenders for that slot.
Dire de Sire , if I may weigh in on this (from a non-fanboy, non-partisan): while a lot of threads/posts may appear on the surface to be "ernest" in tone, there's also a lot of smug and not-so-latent condescension in play as well, especially at the conclusion of a GS tourney (in this case, Wimbledon).

Whenever some fanboy's favorite fanboy pro (pick one: Fed, Rafa, Djoko) wins, you can be sure that the "in your face~!" fanboy crowd will come out of the woodwork and post more than their fair share of these "rub your nose in it" type threads which suddenly litter the Match Resuts/Pro Player sections .... some more blatant in tone than others. It's all about the 'dig' ..... Feds flaming Rafas, Rafas flamming Feds, Feds flamming Sampras .... Sampras? ... didn't he retire years ago? .... etc., etc., etc.

just my 2 cents.
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