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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
Laver did Beat Borg on clay in Houston, in 1974, if I recall correctly. Your premise is fun. You could probably go all the way back to Tilden if you want to.
Maybe we could play Six Degrees of Ken Rosewall or anyone else.

Let's link Djokovic to Ken Rosewall. Djokovic played Nadal who played Agassi who played Lendl who played Borg who played Rosewall. That was too easy.

Let's link Nadal to Little Bill Johnston. Nadal played Agassi who played McEnroe who played Newcombe who played Gonzalez who played Tilden who played Johnston.

Let's link Andy Murray to Fred Perry. Murray played Federer who played Agassi who played McEnroe who played Roche who played Segura who played Budge who played Perry.

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