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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
Remember when I recommended that the contact point should be at least 2 feet in front of your right foot. In your most recent video, it's not even 1 foot out front.

Remember when I also said that a loose grip increases power and clean ball striking. It also cures tennis elbow.
Yeah I saw it in the video- will make an effort to make earlier contact! Ball flight is very nice, the topspin does really allow me to hit out. And I do notice it bothers the guy I'm hitting with, more than the flatter shots. I used to not for a side, but now I kind of like running around the backhand since this new forehand has opened up a lot more options.

I dunno about approach shots though- perhaps these are better flattened out?

Gotta ice up and have the racquets restrung. Speaking of which- for this heavy practice, should i go with a comfort string instead of poly?

Thanks again guys!
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