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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Agree with much of what you say about the babolat Star 3. I have a Star 4 I'll be taking to string at the Cincinnatti Masters this year and love the clamps and center clamps, although I agree the base clamps need more maintaining.

You'll find with the Baiardo that when stringing with a tired back, the ergonomics are incredible. Machine is so comfortable when doing high volume like at a pro shop or tournament. Most comfortable machine I've strung on. I wish I could take mine to Cincy, but the Star 4 is more transportable.

Enjoy the Baiardo and congrats.
Agree 100% on the Baiardo. Although I Liked some of the mechanics better on the star 5, ever since i started work in my new shop I've really come to appreciate the ergonomics the the wilson machine has to offer. To be honest with you I think after doing a 15-20 racquet day before, I never realized I had a sore back until I strung on the Baiardo and didn't have one ha.

Drak is the stringing room at Cinci available to the public? I'd love to drop in say hi and learn a little bit if I could.
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