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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Agree with much of what you say about the babolat Star 3. I have a Star 4 I'll be taking to string at the Cincinnatti Masters this year and love the clamps and center clamps, although I agree the base clamps need more maintaining.

You'll find with the Baiardo that when stringing with a tired back, the ergonomics are incredible. Machine is so comfortable when doing high volume like at a pro shop or tournament. Most comfortable machine I've strung on. I wish I could take mine to Cincy, but the Star 4 is more transportable.

Enjoy the Baiardo and congrats.

I string on the Baiardo here and there @ a friend's shop. I am more impressed with the variety of functions available than the actual construction of the machine. It is quite nice dialing in my number and seeing the adjustments made. My buddy actually has two memory settings for himself - "Normal" and "Tired Back" - so just thought your comments were spot on Drak.

Good Luck @ Cincy.
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