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Played yesterday at 8 PM with the VCORE 100. I played pretty inconsistent, couldnt dial in my topspin strokes and had trouble with the lightness of the frame in terms of timing my strokes. Today the 100 did not feel that well with Pro Line 2 at 55. The strings have like 5 hours of playing time but the stringbed felt stiff.

At 11 pm, sitting in the family room and somewhat dissapointed (no tears at least, lol), I put the VCORE 100 in the bag and took out the unseparable Aeropro. Put the new, squared, red Bab dampener and a white grip. Will string the APD next week with Polyfibre TCS, one of the softest polys around, will string at 55.

Will play today at 6 with the APD, hope it goes better!
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