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Originally Posted by Meaghan View Post
Haha great stuff Rossy......more details are required, you should know by now
Well, you know I mysteriously alluded to 'another frame'...

Pro No 1 is amazing - feel, build, all court, bla bla - but for me, sadly, it wasn't as good a fit from the b-line as my APD/O...

APD/O has such easy blasting power that from the backcourt I'm more in my element, but having played around with the stunning quality Pro No 1, it felt... it felt like it bloody rattled and was toy-like and flimsy and bla bla bla...

And so to the mystery frame...

Pulled out my old PC+ Swirly and proceeded to enjoy it more and probably play better arguably than with the previous two... I most of all appreciated the stability, better accuracy and control (than the APD), and general b-line brilliance... but with its substantial heft, I know from past experience that it's probably too much to be a realistic primary frame.

My muddled thoughts right this moment are to actually look again at those Swirly PDs+ I have... I'd drop some weight from the PC+, as well as gain some serve wallop... okay, the build quality and other aspects I so appreciate in the Pro No 1 may be lacking by comparison, but, I've long suspected XL may be the way I should go. And as well as serve prowess, I think there's a bit more 'body' to these plus-size Babs...

I don't know. I need a cup of tea...
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