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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
The 95D may be the culprit on the elbow BC. It sure bugged mine. Its that stiff top area of the hoop.

Anyway, my setup probably won't help much..its more for a flexy stick.

Og Sheep Micro 16 at around 58#s crossed with Topspin Cyberflash at 54#s. Really, really great setup for me.

I don't think the 95D is for you based on your posts. Its more for guys who hit flatter, come from a heritage stick like a Pro staff and grew up playing tennis.
You may be right, but to be honest I was one of those guys who grew up playing with a heavier stick and hitting flat. I've just been toying with all the new modern tweeners since I got back in the game after a 20 year break. I try to convince myself that I got a topspin game, but I don't. That's why I've had a hard time being consistent with the PDs and APDs. Maybe I just needed to go back to my roots.

Anyway, time will tell. Right now I am loving the 95D, played with it again and liked it even more. I am playing better then I have in many months, and I can definitely attribute that to the racquet.

Question, would adding a little lead at 12 in the hoop make it stiffer and harder on the arm, or would it somehow make it easier on the arm by possibly increasing plow through and less bounce back/vibration when hit high in the hoop?

APD 2013-Alu Power@50; Pure Control-RPM/Excel@54; EXO3 Tour-RPM/Excel@54

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