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Originally Posted by levy1 View Post
I see your original post was with the Jet method and traditional. Which one did you decide on and could you tell a difference?
I've been stringing with the same pattern and tension variances-- Honestly I haven't played many string beds without it since. Now that I have a better stock of string and know exactly how each plays, what I like and dislike, I'll better be able to judge the difference. I figured since I've been playing with a much higher level of consistency, why fix it if it ain't broke.

I'll string one up regular when my reel of B7 arrives tomorrow.

In other news,
- I took the dive and purchased a reel of B7.
- I also acquired a reel of M2 Pro so you should be seeing some tests of that too.
- B7 plays awesome in my 95Ds. It really is a good fit for me and I think others will enjoy it too if you can pop it in under 6-8 hours or don't mind cutting it out. At the price, I can manage either comfortably.
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