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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
^ Oh yeah.

I buy dinosaur toys and Ninja Turtles because I can't stand to see naked barbies and stuffed pink things all over the floor all the time. Leonardo is married to Barbie btw. And tv?!?!.... I have 'dora the explorer', 'sid the science kid' and 'between the lions' theme songs eternally stuck in my head.

It's their house (wife and daughter's), I'm just a guest with privileges.
Too funny. I have 4 older girls, ages 16-22. My wife and I then had our BOY, so I am not the only male anymore. However I understand the drama thing - 4 teenage girls and a wife - unbelievable! As far as King of the house. Forget it!! My only saving grace is my five year old son - The toys and movies (spiderman, avengers, etc.) are great. And he LOVES tennis. Taking him to a tennis clinic today!! I may be able to get some tips from him!
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