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Originally Posted by BC1 View Post

EDIT: It is very possible that my string set-up had a lot to do with my unsuccesful trial of the IG Rad Pro. Plus the fact that I didn't give it much of a chance. Balance and sw were not comfortable for me either.
You may be right there. Reading your posts further up this page, the igrp's balance and SW seems to work better with a heavy topspin kind of game-you don't have to play loopy shots with it and you can still drive the ball, but it's a hard frame to adapt to when you're demoing other sticks. It took me some time to get used to the weight and balance-the timing of the swing is quite different than my leaded apd's.

Sounds like the 95d is a good fit for your game. The 98 is supposed to be nice.

Re the Babs, it may be the thick beam and the woofer that's putting you off. I seem also to prefer the thinner beams at 21mm or so as opposed to the tapered 26mm Bab.

Did you ever try out the Wilson Juice-same specs as a PD but better feel. Nice stick and lots of fun.
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