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Ok Hit with the IGRP for the first time and couldn't help but think....

Seriously though, it is a major upgrade from the previous version. Racquet feels so sublime and plush. Unlike the previous version the swing weight seems very manageable and does not have that clunky feel to it. The flex will be a bit of an adjustment for some but to feels just right to me, reminiscent of the PB 10 Mid in this regard. Power is easily on tap and I think this stick will reward players who tend to have more of a topspin ( w/wiper) forehand and play with a 2HBH (Yonex level-effortless execution). Comfort is what you would expect from a stick with this type of flex and matches well with a crisp full poly string bed but I suspect it would also hybrid well.

All in all this stick has left a pretty good impression and has been placed in the # 1 spot in my bag until further notice. More to come
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