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Default Suggestions on GoPro HD Hero2 or equivalent...

(...and yes, I have indeed looked up the old threads)

G'day folks, need some help here. I'm looking for an HD camera to record videos of my 10-yr-old playing tennis. He is an upcoming jr (we are in Melbourne, VIC, Australia).

I'm looking at 720p (but can live with 480p) 16:9, at 120fps (but can live with 60fps). Would want to record for 3+ hours and edit with an iMac. Slo-mo's are an important requirement for serve/stroke analysis. I'm looking for something that won't break the bank.

Anybody used the GoPro HD Hero2 for tennis? [see]. If yes, what are the settings used (medium angle, 720p 60fps, maybe)? Can you provide some link for uploaded videos? {Fyi, this is under $300 on Amazon}

Any other comparable options that ought to be considered? Your suggestions and guidance would be most appreciated.

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