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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
To put it in perspective, compared to the elite, somewhat classic, personal favourite GROAT frames I've had the privilege to play with over the years, I'd say I found it easier to use than, say, a PT630, and more on a par with a frame like the C10 Pro, which I could use and didn't find overwhelmingly demanding.
Funny you mention the C10 Pro as that was what I used prior to the M Pro No. 1/X Force Pro. My only complaint of the C10 Pro was it seemed a tad heavy, and during long matches vs. younger players my shoulder would become fatigued, and I could no longer generate anything on shots shoulder-height & above. This was especially the case on clay.

Switching from one to the other was rather easy, the only adjustment being looking down at the profile & seeing a 20-25mm tapered beam vs. 20mm straight beam. Once I got past that, the love affair began, and 1 year later is still going strong...
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