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Originally Posted by jigglypuff View Post
All this for just a D1 scholarship?
Absolutely not! We do it because he wants to play, I can play senior ITF events at times when he does we all enjoy the competition and the travel. The whole family plays going back to grandparents who had honor of being good enough to play in major events after WW1, WW2 and in the 50's. We just love the game - we put NO pressure on him nor did we with his older brother and sister - what we hate is all the point chasing and politics involved we see here in the states. All of us also have FFT licenses and play in France, Spain and Belgium and if we can stay away from so much of what you read on these boards (and as any of you know who are around JR tennis it's even worse that what gets posted here.).

And If he decides to-play in college fine, if not fine, it helps a ton that we are able to travel due to my work and have the ability to pay for training/coaches...etc.
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