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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Rad Pro makes total sense for Gads. It has that lower static weight, higher SW ratio of the Black ace. I am not surprised by him digging this stick. If I was not so happy with the 200, I would revisit, but I found the yonex gave me more control and a little less power, which is what I needed.

The Rad Pro has some serious power..impressive for that type of flex.

You RP guys should try my Courier setup if you want a change from full poly. It will feel incredible in that stick, I can about guarantee it. Full poly really takes away the feel and volley advantage I am getting with a syn gut or gut main.
Exactly. That lower static and higher SW felt right at home. No transition.We'll see if it sticks, but first impression was just great. My bag is madness again.
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