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Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
Get with it! The pd is old news. Haven't you heard? Yonex is getting all the attention right now!

Just kidding ya! But seriously, most of the posts have been yonex related lately (me included). There will always be a spot in my heart saved for the pd though.
BC1, I know you are only teasing with the derogatory PD comments!

Re Yonex, admittedly I have only hit with two Yonex frames (RD7 and RDiS 200) but both have felt underpowered to me. The RDiS is a mate of mines and he has since purchased a PD as he was getting out hit from the baseline when using the RDiS. A lot of his shots were dropping on the service line with loopy spin and getting punished. Since he bought the PD his shots have become deeper and more penetrating.

I like Yonex sticks and think they are some of the best quality wise. I have yet to find one that matches up in performance terms.

Any recs on which ones I should try?
Prince Response 97 with gut/poly@54/50
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