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Originally Posted by smirker View Post
BC1, I know you are only teasing with the derogatory PD comments!

Re Yonex, admittedly I have only hit with two Yonex frames (RD7 and RDiS 200) but both have felt underpowered to me. The RDiS is a mate of mines and he has since purchased a PD as he was getting out hit from the baseline when using the RDiS. A lot of his shots were dropping on the service line with loopy spin and getting punished. Since he bought the PD his shots have become deeper and more penetrating.

I like Yonex sticks and think they are some of the best quality wise. I have yet to find one that matches up in performance terms.

Any recs on which ones I should try?
No derogatory pd comments from me. Seriously, the pd is a great racquet. Hell, I started this thread! And I still stand by it. To be honest with you I don't think I'm good enough for it. If I had a better top-spin game that allowed me to swing all out and keep the ball in, there isn't a better frame imo. And I will always hold on to one. I just seem to be inconsistent with them lately, more so then norm, and am trying out a playerish frame to see how i do with that. I wouldn't bet against the pd anyday, and I might end up back with one or something like it.

I almost think the pds are for 3.0s or upper 4.0 and above. Not upper 3.5s and lower 4.0s. Here me out (others have actually agreed with this logic). The pd is great for beginners and most anyone because you can just throw the racquet out there and keep the ball in play. And they are great for advanced players, because an advanced player can control the power and use the power to their advantage with the proper top-spin stroke, swing through and technique (one reason you see so many at the college and pro level). However, with an upper 3.5 game or lower 4.0 game some players (me included) don't have a great topspin game, yet I do have a good swing and good all around game. Playing the opponents I do (upper 3.5s and 4.0+), I need to do far more then just get the ball back over the net. Yet I lack the control with the pd due to the power. So, I'm not bad enough for it, or good enough for it. That's my story for now. How's that for rambling on? Anyway, the pd is a very good stick. I'm just ready for something different. It has served me well for years and probably will again.

As far as the yonex goes, the Xi100, xi 98 or the vcore 100s will give you what you want. Comparable to a pd but with a little more control and flex (maybe). Lots of power in the XIs. But I have a hard time with the xi headshape - to square for me.
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