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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Honestly, none of the stuff you mentioned is actually on the racquet. the RDIS is not underpowered at all, but it is a stick that rewards good timing and a relaxed swing. If you muscle the ball, dont prep right or hit with poor timing you will not get a lot out of the racquet.

The stiffness of the PD bails out poor technique a lot, and it also will reward good technique as well.
Sorry PP, not sure I get what you are saying in the first sentence?

In your hands I am sure it's a real weapon but in his (and mine) it was a bit of a liability. Not saying it's the racquet at fault, probably just not suited to our skill level. Do you consider it to be a players frame or more of a game improvement stick? It could just be that I don't get on with Yonex frames. Never had a Babolat before either so no bias there.
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