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I almost think the pds are for 3.0s or upper 4.0 and above. Not upper 3.5s and lower 4.0s. Here me out (others have actually agreed with this logic). The pd is great for beginners and most anyone because you can just throw the racquet out there and keep the ball in play. And they are great for advanced players, because an advanced player can control the power and use the power to their advantage with the proper top-spin stroke, swing through and technique (one reason you see so many at the college and pro level). However, with an upper 3.5 game or lower 4.0 game some players (me included) don't have a great topspin game, yet I do have a good swing and good all around game. Playing the opponents I do (upper 3.5s and 4.0+), I need to do far more then just get the ball back over the net. Yet I lack the control with the pd due to the power. So, I'm not bad enough for it, or good enough for it. That's my story for now. How's that for rambling on? Anyway, the pd is a very good stick. I'm just ready for something different. It has served me well for years and probably will again.
I tend to agree with what you are saying and I follow your logic. When I picked up a racquet early this year after a long layoff, I thought the PD was great because of a massive serve and good power potential. It made up for a lot in my 3.0 game at the time. As I progressed over the past few months playing a LOT, I tended to want to swing more because I felt comfortable doing so. The problem was, I wasn't good enough at spinning it to keep it in. I consider myself a middle card 3.5 right now and I am still doing well with the racquet. I will be trying out a new string setup tonight, which is Xcel French Open 17ga at 56 pounds. When strung at 62, it was pretty tame so I am eager to see if I can adjust to a lower tension since I think I have a better forehand than even a few weeks ago. I will know in a few hours!
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