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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

Many congratulations. Great news.
Thanks Ross. Hope this time around it'll be a boy! But if it's not, I'll still be excited for a girl, healthy and happy.

Originally Posted by Murray_fan1 View Post
Ok Hit with the IGRP for the first time and couldn't help but think....

Seriously though, it is a major upgrade from the previous version. Racquet feels so sublime and plush. Unlike the previous version the swing weight seems very manageable and does not have that clunky feel to it. The flex will be a bit of an adjustment for some but to feels just right to me, reminiscent of the PB 10 Mid in this regard. Power is easily on tap and I think this stick will reward players who tend to have more of a topspin ( w/wiper) forehand and play with a 2HBH (Yonex level-effortless execution). Comfort is what you would expect from a stick with this type of flex and matches well with a crisp full poly string bed but I suspect it would also hybrid well.

All in all this stick has left a pretty good impression and has been placed in the # 1 spot in my bag until further notice. More to come
It's a nice frame for sure, then I read reviews like this and I wonder if I had not spent enough time with it. Like I've said before, anything with flex catches my eye.

Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

Oh Murray!... Every single word of the above (I've read the post twice) makes it sound completely like it would appeal to me... Oh dear, this thread is just no good whatsoever for my mental stability.
^Seriously . I'm going to be green with jealousy for the next year or so reading this thread. My racquetholic days are behind me guys. Not only do we have another kid on the way but we're looking into becoming first time home-owners. Can't pay rent anymore. Moving to Virginia. Less taxes. Closer to work.

I'll have to make do with my 2 6.1teams until they go on sale, or hunt down some used racquets. Can't justify paying close to $200 for a racquet anymore. Good thing too, just got my set-up dialed in with the 6.1teams. Looking for string set-ups now and some brush-up lessons before the fall indoor season. Good Luck to all the rh's... I'll be reading!
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