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Originally Posted by IA-SteveB View Post
I will be trying out a new string setup tonight, which is Xcel French Open 17ga at 56 pounds.

i was using xcel FO @56 and its a pretty stiff setup for a multi!!!!
just be careful as its IMO its not arm friendly,i had never had any arm/shoulder problems and after a couple of weeks hitting with the xcel i had numbness in the back of my hand and sore TE tendons,im not saying it will do that to you or anyone else but it got cut out and replaced with a softer setup till my hand/TE (which is now healed) got better.

good luck with the xcel as it,s a great string with bags of power.spin is ok but all of this is IMO only

keep us posted on how it hits

cheers garry
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